Teapot 2,0L in the group Enamelled Steel at Kockums Jernverk AB (CPOT-004)
Teapot 2,0L
Teapot 2,0L

Teapot 2,0L


Stylish classic teapot, in all colours of Kockums.

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Article nr: CPOT-004
  • Information
  • Kockums Teapot has a retro inspired and tasteful design with well thought-out details and stylish shapes. The enamelled teapot can be used for serving both hot and cold beverages. Enjoy a hot cup of tea at the breakfast table, morning coffee on the balcony or whenever you need something beautiful to serve out. This teapot complements the teaparty and is perfect to combine with Kockums Mugs and other assortment.

    Kockums enamelled kitchenware has double layers of high-quality enamel. It works in all kinds of ovens, including induction and gas hobs. Our teapots are produced with care and accuracy. Enamelling is a craft; each product becomes unique and can contain small variations. Enamel is long-lasting and becomes more beautiful over time. We have a great respect for human and environment, therefore each pan only consists of natural raw material.

    The teapot can be washed in dishwasher, but to keep the colour shine we recommend hand washing.

    Packaging: Gift box
    Size: 2,0L
    Used as: Coffeepot , Teapot
    Dimensions (LxWxH): 22,5x12,2x25,6 CM
    Colour: Rim Kockums Green
    Colour: Cream Lux
    Weight: 860 g
    Measure: 2,0L
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