About Kockums Jernverk

A welcome return

It is the late 18th century in Ronneby, the Kockums family has just started construction of their new factory. The plan is to manufacture pots, buckets and hospital utensils. In the year of 1893 the company launches a whole new product line, a product that will completely change the future of their business: the enamelled cookware.

Kockums enamelled cookware is made in several different colours, but it is the soft yellow colour with the thin dark green edge at the top which the Swedish people falls in love with and it becomes a bestseller. The prime time for the Kockums products is in the 1930´s. They manufacture cookware as never before and the genuine design with durable material is visible in every Swedish home.

But, then the 60´s came. The Swedish households choose the plastic before anything else. The fine enamelled pots end up further back in the kitchen cupboards and stays unused… Kockums Jernverk meets the reduced demands with new colours and new designs with the help of successful designers, such as silversmith Sigurd Persson and designer Arne Erkers. Unfortunately, this was not enough. Eventually the production had to stop.

Until now, times are changing to our advantage. Today the plastic is phased out of the Swedish households and there is room for quality, design and shape in the kitchen. We have taken advantage of the best from the 30´s – like the durable material and innovating design – updated the colour palette and reintroduced Kockums Jernverk. With our new collection, we want to give you inspiration and pleasance in the kitchen and bring a feeling of cooking that you have not experienced before. In addition, it is important for us that our products are beautiful enough to be visible in your home even between the meals.

All we had to do was to wait for the right time, and that time is now.

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Form, tradition and sustainability

We live in an era where we gather impressions from the past to improve the future. At Kockums has form, tradition and sustainability always been in focus. We have preserved the Nordic colours and the graphic design language, the historical legacy and the long traditional craftsmanship. This in combination with a constant quest for the contemporary has made maintaining a good balance between the traditional and the new our biggest challenge. Our goal is to provide good qualitative kitchenware that also are beautiful enough that you want them to be visible in your kitchen even between the meals.

Design and quality since 1875

When the demand for enamelled products increased during the 19th century, Kockums Jernverk AB grew. Above all, they became known for their enamelled and stainless-steel pans and pots. A common thread in the early marketing is product quality but also a modern form and playful colour palette that quickly made the products very popular. 

The assortment

With a preserved design language, the new assortment also has a timeless shape where the traditional meets the new. The carefully selected starter range contains among others pans, oven pans, mugs, plates and teapots. They come in different sizes and colour combinations and works great for all types of stoves and ovens, including induction and gas.

Colour spectrum

The relaunch of Kockums' unique products takes place through an evolution, from vintage to the modern kitchen. Where cooking is fun and functional products are an important prerequisite. This is presented in a carefully designed colour spectrum in harmony with the traditional form. The result - a unique design that appeals to aware consumers.