A Swedish classic makes
a comeback in the kitchen

Kockums enamelled cookware were common in 
Swedish households for over one hundered years.
Most of those born during the 20th century, have
been served from these beautiful pots and pans.

Form and function
in perfect harmoni

A carefully selected range with a preserved design
language and a timeless design where the traditional
meets the new. Our colour spectrum invites to
great combinations of old and new, mild and dominant.

Stylish design for the
kitchen, table setting and
everything in between

A retro design with a clear Scandinavian tone
makes Kockums products not only functional but
also so stylish that you want to have them
standing on the table even between the meals.

Functional products
for every kitchen

Our products come in different sizes and
colour combinations and work excellent on all 
types of stoves and ovens, including induction and gas.

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