Privacy policy

Privacy policy

When you order from us you give us permission to save your name, address and telephone number in our database together with information about what you have ordered. We handle your data as personal documents and do not share them with others.

We do not disclose or share any personal information or email-addresses to any third parties than the ones mentioned below. All information you share with us is protected so no unauthorized can access it. If we must share information, we require that they handle and protect the information in an equal manner. The companies can only use the information for the purpose for which it was shared. This is regulated by written agreements.

To be able to handle purchases, customer issues and agreed marketing we save the following information:

  •   First- and last name
  •   Address
  •   Telephone number
  •   Email
  •   Your purchases

In countries where a personal identification number is available, this is also saved if you choose to pay by invoice.


Cookies are used on this website; you can see which purpose below. A cookie is a small text file that is saved in your browser, then your computer will be recognized during a return to the website. No personal data is saved in our cookies and they can not contain any viruses.

This long are cookies saved 

Cookies are automatically deleted after a few months (the number may vary) but will be renewed for each visit at the website.

How cookies are used

Cookies are used for several purposes on our website:

  • Google Analytics – We provide statistics on the number of users and which pages they visit. We collect information about where the session is located geographically, which browser that is used to continuously adjust our content and make your experience as good as possible.
    You can always inactivate cookies from Google Analytics

  • HotJar – A tool we use to find out how the visitor navigates on our website and to measure the number of clicks and engagement. With this tool we only collect IP addresses.

  • Google AdWords – Google AdWords handle personal data like IP addresses and cookies with IDs to provide you with relevant offers and follow up and measure the results of our ads.

  • Facebook – Collects data through, among other things, cookies with unique IDs to provide you with relevant offers and follow up and measure the results of our ads.