Deep Plate 22 cm

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Classic enamelled plates of Kockums.

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Kockums Deep Plate has a classic design language with a simplicity that fits most settings and environment. This plate is perfect for the adventure, the summer cottage, the boat or the Sunday dinner. Kockums enamelled plates are available in the two traditional signature colours; cream colour with green rim or white with blue rim, and now also in the new combination white with grey bottom.

Kockums enamelled kitchenware has double layers of high-quality enamel. It works in all kinds of ovens (except microwave), including induction and gas hobs. Our plates are produced with care and accuracy. Enamelling is a craft; each product becomes unique and can contain small variations. Enamel is long-lasting and becomes more beautiful over time. We have a great respect for human and environment, therefore each plate only consists of natural raw material.

The plate can be washed in dishwasher, but to keep the colour shine we recommend hand washing.

Packaging: Gift box
Size: 22 cm
Used as: Plate
Dimensions (LxWxH): 22x22x3,5 CM
Colour: Cream Lux
Colour: Rim Kockums Green
Weight: 250 g
Measure: 22 cm
Average rating 0 out of 5 Number of ratings 0
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