Dual handle pan ø28 cm

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Solid Swedish-produced Dual handle pan made of Swedish carbon steel. It is pre-seasoned with vegetable oils which makes it ready for immediate use and you do not have to start with a seasoning procedure. It withstands high temperatures and spreads the heat evenly and efficiently, which is perfect for frying and roasting. Works on all types of heat sources and in the oven. Use it both as a frying pan and pie tin. The double handles make it easy to place in the oven. Also available in the sizes ø24 cm and ø30 cm.

Accessories: Decorative handle covers made of Tärnsjö leather are available as an accessory to protect the fingers when serving.

: Carbon steel
Used as: Frying pan , Pie tin
Weight: 2100 g
Measure: 32,7x28x5,3
Average rating 0 out of 5 Number of ratings 0
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